Say goodbye to worries and know that you are investing in a powerful health tool that has the potential to improve your wellbeing in a matter of days!

Detoxify - Protect - Nourish

The Green Juicing Workshop

The nutrient -rich raw juices of plant foods are absorbed into the blood in a matter of minutes to alkalinise the blood and reduce acidity in the body. It also is a quick way to provide minerals to the cells of the body.

  • Cut the acidity in the body
  • Have better skin and look younger
  • Get rid of acne
  • Protection from disease

What you will learn

  1.  Super-plant based foods that you will use in juices for great health benefits.
  2. Distinguish between the different types of juicing machines  and where to purchase them.
  3. How to make your vegetable juices not taste too ' veggie'.
  4. How to fortify your juices with spices and herbs for greater health benefits.
  5. The difference between juicing and blending techniques, their benefits and uses for health.
  6. Learn to make a detox juice

Get  practical guidance on the techniques and methods of juicing for maximum benefit to health.

Essentially, this workshop will help you to set up a juicing practice at home and answer all your questions about juicing.


Upcoming Workshops

Date: 22 November 2014

Time: 2pm - 4.30pm

Venue:  Joo Chiat Community Club

                 405 Joo Chiat Road

                 Singapore 4276331

Fee: $125      

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