The art of extracting the raw essence of plants like fruit, vegetables, herbs and medicinal rhizomes as gingers and turmeric is an age- old practice. The ancient cultures of Europe, India and Asia used implements such as stone, wooden mallets, mortar and pastel to ground their plants into a paste and then squeezing the juice out with cloth or sieve.

Modern machines today do the work far more quickly so that juicing can be easily incorporated into personal wellness plans.

Why juice?

The nutrient -rich raw juices of plant foods gets absorbed into the body in a matter of minutes to bring instant nourishment to the cells, alkalinise the blood and reduce acidity in the body.

Juicing is an efficient way to supplement the body with minerals and anti-oxidants using fresh natural produce like vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Fresh vegetable and fruit juices deliver to the cells minerals and enzymes immediately, because the juice is separated from the fiber. Blended foods like ‘smoothies’ are not pure juices, and will need to go through the protocol of digestion.


Juicing, blending and raw salads are recommended supplementation to one’s diet to deliver to the body the minerals and fiber that is necessary for optimum health.

  • Regenerate your cells and tissues with nutrients instantly
  • Reduce acidosis in the body
  • Look younger with healthy skin
  • Keep diseases like cancer and heart disease at bay



A 1-1 workshop that delivers to you all you need to know about juicing, the tools and raw material. Receive personalized guidance in a step- by- step tutorial that will deepen your knowledge of the art of juicing.

Duration of workshop: 2 hours

Fee:  S$180 ( includes raw material and tastings )

*Special rates for groups of 5 and more*

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