Workshop 1

 How To Make Your Own Plant Medicines                 Home Made Jamu 


Pick up the skills on how to create natural plant remedies successfully with expert precision. The workshop teaches you to make remedies from raw plant material from scratch.

This exciting and powerful workshop is designed to teach you how to make plant medicine and the strategies to develop an effective Daily Practice to improve health. You will receive everything you need to know about plant medicine making: the ingredients, mixers, the tools and proper storage.

 This is a 3 hour  workshop where you will be using your senses to make some plant based tonics, decoctions, elixirs, teas and pastes for health management and natural skin-care.

  • Here are some of the things you will learn to make:

Ÿ Jamu Tonics from ginger, roots, leaves and spices

Ÿ Medicinal Plant Decoctions

Ÿ Traditional 3 ginger tea ( Serabat )

Ÿ  Jamu vinegar and elixir

ŸWarm  ginger jamu compress for headaches and pain relief

ŸŸ Jamu lulur ( skin cleaning ) product

Here are some of the health conditions that a jamu practice can address:

Ÿ Overweight

Ÿ Pain

Ÿ Menstruation issues

Ÿ Menopausal symptoms

Ÿ Acne and pimples

Ÿ Low libido

Ÿ Depression

What you will receive:

1. A pdf with the jamu and plant medicine recipes featured in the course.

2. Shopping Guide to some Jamu pharmacies and local markets in Singapore.

3. A Daily Practice Plan at the end of the workshop.


Cost: $250

Group rate of 4 people and more is available.

****Call or email for bookings @

  ****A minimum of $100 deposit will be made in advance to secure your place.

 Contact: Ajuntha @ 96312957

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Workshop 2




 Jamu is the traditional Indonesian and Malay natural remedies practice.

Jamu production is an industry that makes ready to use jamu sold at pharmacies in every modern city in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

ŸThis workshop aims to educate you on all aspects of jamu: the raw ingredients, the different formulas, the brands and how to shop for them.

ŸIf you ever wondered about how to navigate a jamu store, or which packet to purchase, than this workshop is for you.

 Ÿ Become a jamu expert

Ÿ Learn how to read labels

Ÿ Learn how to pick the right jamu from the many brands available

Ÿ Discover some powerful jamu for health benefits

Ÿ Experience the jamu

Ÿ Get expert advice from a jamu practioner

Here are some of the health conditions:

Ÿ Overweight

Ÿ Pain

Ÿ Menstruation issues

Ÿ Menopausal symptoms

Ÿ Acne and pimples

Ÿ Low libido

Ÿ Depression

The duration of the workshop: 3 hours

Cost: $180 per person

Group rate of 4 people and more is available

Email: ajuntha,

Contact: 96312957





What is Jamu? 

As Featured in Little Red Dot by Channel 5 Media Corp. 


Jamu is traditional Indonesian herbal medicine. The material used is plant based and includes, the roots, bark, leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers. Many culinary herbs like ginger, turmeric and lemongrass are also included in Jamu tonics. It is an age- old practice with roots in Javanese folk medicine, like so many South Asian cultures that looked to nature for cures.

Early evidence of plant medicines and the practice of Jamu can be seen on stone reliefs at the famous Buddhist monument, Borobudur where carvings depict plants being grounded for medicines.


Jamu collectively, is a pharmacy that includes some powerful plants that help one to maintain good health and offers protection from common ailments and diseases.


In the book The Indonesian Art of herbal Healing, the author, Susan Jane Beers, wrote that “ Indonesian Jamu – part of an integrated system of inner and outer beauty, encompassing powders, pills, ointments, lotions, massage and ancient folklore”. 





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