Our Introduction


“ Women today are losing their vital force. Even their posture says, ‘I don’t feel great anymore. ‘ We help them to get back to the joy of living fully.”

Nazli Anwari, Founder Medicine Woman Asia

Medicine Woman Asia is the definitive Guide to Natural Weight Loss and Anti-Ageing . Any woman who wants to look younger and feel better with age, this is the place to be. 



Nazli Anwari, Founder of Medicine Woman Asia, is your Guide. She shares with every woman her personal journey from young woman to  older wise woman and how she overcame the discomforts of the menopause; achieved weight loss; sustained a trim figure, all through whole food plant-based nutrition. 



 Nazli will also show you how to make Jamu. These are natural beauty tonics that help to keep you in shape and sexy, no matter what your age. Jamu is the traditional plant-remedies practice of the ancient Malays and Javanese.



To help you explore possibilities and change, Nazli offers workshops that show you the fundamentals of how you can lose weight, nourish your body and maintain good health through whole food plant-based nutrition.



You are ready to lose weight, lower cholesterol and get healthy. OR you want to fortify your health insurance plan. Whichever way you want to go, Nazli will be able to work out a health plan specifically for you and at your own pace. She understands how good resolve can be sabotaged, and she will guide you every step of the way to make sure you see results. 



Nazli also practices Thai Yoga Massage - the bodywork with ancient roots in Ayurveda and Thai Medicine. She recommends a treatment once a month to keep the body mobile and free of aches and pain. Check out www.thaiyogahealingarts.asia for information and bookings.


"At the heart of Medicine Woman Asia is the desire to help individuals in living healthy and beautiful lives, free of the fear of disease, by learning how to protect themselves wisely."

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Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition

Whole foods are unprocessed foods. They are fresh whole grains ,vegetables , fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds. Each whole plant food then provide the many natural nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and protein.

As  you eat a meal of fresh leafy greens like Chye Sim, red Chillies, Pumpkin, Cabbage,  Lentils and Whole Rice, you are consuming powerful natural medicines that feed your cells, provide energy and protect you from disease.

Only plant-based foods provide minerals and anti-oxidants like beta carotenes to help the body function at a healthy level.

Animal-based foods do not contain minerals or beta carotenes.

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What Is The Problem With Our Health?

There are 3 major diseases that have Singaporeans worried about their state of health. These are Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes. Colorectal Cancer and stomach cancers are prevalent diseases.

We are getting fat! Obesity rates are increasing every year and affects all age groups.

Women of  pre- menopause and post-menopause age are prone to weight gain and diseases such as breast cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Nutritionists are now saying that there could be a direct link between these diseases and the food we eat. Could it be that we may not be including some vital nutrients in the food we eat daily?

You don't have to be a 'sitting duck' and allow these diseases control your life. 

You can make a difference in your health and reverse fear by taking charge of your health with protection by using Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition.

A whole food plant-based diet could be the answer to our state of health.

Scientific studies and research have shown that a whole food, plant-based diet can decrease cholesterol levels , help you lose weight and improve your vitality.

More plant-based foods in your diet, the lower your risk of heart disease, many cancers, diabetes and obesity.

This is the right time to green your health and the environment. A health movement is underway, confirming that what you eat can prevent or reverse chronic diseases.

Diet has the power to help you be healthy or not, according to pioneering researchers, as T.Colin Campbell. Ph.D, author ofThe China Study, professor at Cornell University. His research shows animal protein to be a potent carcinogen, or cancer causing agent. He has also shown that a whole food, plant-based diet is the most effective way to prevent and even reverse many diseases.

Read about Dr Caldwell Esseltyn, Dr Dean Ornish, Dr Neal Barnard, Dr John McDougall and Dr Joel Fuhrman All these pioneers give very sick people their lives back through  whole food plant-based nutrition.