Healing Ella the Dalmatian with Turmeric.

As I pour water into the bucket I am hoping that it will be a breeze to douse Ella the dog with my concoction of turmeric powder, water and olive oil. I stir the mixture with my entire hand and watch that hand turn yellow with some satisfaction. At least the turmeric is sticking to my skin, thanks to the olive oil which is acting as a sticking agent. Well we all know how dogs can shake things off with a vigorous shake!

 I am visiting a friend and Ella the family’s pet is suffering from a skin ailment that is making her look a lot like a pink Dalmatian, sans the signature black spots that defines her breed. I could not help but notice how distressed Ella was with her constant scratching that occupied her physically and emotionally “ She has a vet’s prescription and is under supervision, but it has been a month now, with no headway in her healing” her owner said.  Ella looks up at me with mournful eyes, only briefly before another itching spasm overwhelmed her. My reaction was spontaneous. The dog needs an anti-inflammatory to sooth the skin and in my book this is the all natural turmeric.

In the bathroom, Ben, my friend gently pours and rubs the turmeric mixture into Ella’s coat. Ella is not resisting a bit, only because she has a biscuit between her teeth, and I daresay, that the soothing cool of the water combined with the antiseptic properties of turmeric are working their wonders. We dive for cover when she does the obligatory ‘shake’. We notice that, like my hand Ella is yellow now and the turmeric has adhered on her skin, where it matters.

My friend Ben is slowly regretting the ‘yellow’ dog and looks at me for reassurance. Turmeric has been used for centuries as a medicine for skin ailments, rashes and wounds. I have used it myself on a bad knee wound from falling off a bike. I had plastered on a wad of raw mashed turmeric tuber on the bloody open wound and the highly antiseptic properties in the plant prevented it from turning septic. It healed very quickly after that. I look at Ben and gave him a thumbs up wink, confident, that at least the turmeric will stop the inflammation of Ella’s skin and give her some relief. And it did.

About forty five minutes into our coffee it was Ben who remarked, “she is not  scratching anymore”. Ella was sound asleep and looked peaceful.  As for me, I was once again grateful for turmeric and its healing wonders.