Salt and pepper and all things nice

Fish and chips is authentic, only if seasoned with vinegar and salt.  Here lies the difference between the processed stuff and the real thing.This is the case of an authentic man, and I might say , the salt and pepper in my life.

  • Albert Williams is pure Australian like sheep’s wool knits and Gum trees. And he is my step- father. My mother’s husband of 38 years.

I never regarded him special, he was simply Bert, the dependable half who was always at Perth Airport waiting excitedly to pick me up. Later, a  husband and the kids  on our yearly prilgrimage to our  mecca of sun, sea and fun.  Bert is effusive with news,the basics of his life with my mother, and yes, the cost of fuel. The only ones who understood his accent were the kids. When Bert spoke, it was a booming sound  that bounced off our wine glasses. Then, like the authentic blue skies of Australia, it is always his sincere and optimistic nature that wins me over. What can I say? Salt and pepper are reliable seasonings.

This is easy for me to absorb, because the raw, authentic human being is what I demand of everyone I meet. I trully believe I learnt this from Bert. I trully love this man of simple pleasures.

We eat fish and chips at Cicerellos at Fremantle port, eyeing opportunistic gulls eyeing our food. ” They used to be ordinary gulls’ he says, ” now they are unreal”. This is my Bert, and my mother is one loved woman. After all, she is the salt and pepper of his life.