New Year’s Resolution for 2012

My resolution this year is to be committed to programming my mind, body and spirit for simplicity. I am eliminating the dross and drag of heaviness that I wear on my body and mind. No more sluggishness, hello freshness and lightness of being. This I am aware will require a plan of action that I will call a template for living, albeit, my way.

First on the agenda of my plan is a diet that is vegetarian and will include fresh raw vegetables and fruit, nuts, seeds and legumes. These sound pretty mundane, I know, but not if you can be inventive and transform them into delectable salads, soups and juices. On the sidelines I will add pastas with   fresh herbs or tomatoes, nutty brown rice pilaffs with turmeric or saffron, wholesome grainy breads and heart warming soups made from pumpkins or carrots. The list is long, and I already have an index of at least 50 recipes. One thing is certain, there will be a raw salad at every meal and this includes breakfast.

My Pasta and Salad

I am not even going into the benefits of what a diet of at least seventy percent raw plant foods can do to heal a body in this blog; I just know that this is clean living. This connection to plants in a literal sense is my return to nature and the source of life.

Meditation will be my second practice. In the quiet of the hour before sunrise and the chattering of birds, I will train my mind to be peaceful and yet clear to hear the subtle messages of my intuition. This is also a moment for contemplation of the purpose of my life and prayers of gratitude.

I will enjoy the dawn with a cup of coffee while the cats curl beneath my feet in the garden.

The third practice will be some form of physical activity, either cycling or an energetic walk to burn calories and improve vascular health. Some gentle yoga stretches just before bedtime will help to calm my mind and body. I understand intuitively that my body responds to exercise and movement like a thirsty plant that needs water.

The fourth practice is natural skin care. My maxim is this: “do not use products on your skin that you will not eat.” Simple time honoured truth that I use with creativity. I make my own skin care products in the kitchen and have used honey, rice bran and even yogurt as skin scrubs and moisturisers. Delicious!

Natural Plant Facecare

So there in a nut shell is my ‘Template for Living.’

What do I want to achieve by the end of this year?

Better health, better energy, better mind and a better life.  

~ The Medicine Woman Asia