What a Wonderful World

I have the urge to play psychic and will hazard a prediction for the immediate future too: that the earth will become even more wonderful. I can almost hear the protest from naysayers to my optimism against the cacophony of doom and gloom resounding from the media. Perhaps the omen of an Armageddon this year end may spare us the future pain of seeing our planet suffocate.  

Will the earth wither and die?  I think not. I think that Mother Earth is resilient and like any sick human being is shaking off her malaise to detoxify her gut and come clean again. Stuff that is over burdening her constitution she will release.  I am still coming to grips with the sickening after effects of storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and droughts last year that is making me feel a little ‘woozy’ in my own gut.

Somehow, my intuition tells me that it is a clean-up process and that with some help from the gods that be, we will ride this roller coaster until the detoxification is complete.

Then I am offered to watch a beautifully filmed video of clips from the BBC’s David Attenborough’s ‘Wonderful World’ and am silenced by the sheer force and beauty of all living creatures. It brings tears to my eyes. Up close it is an emotional reconciliation of innate forces within my human spirit that is part of the very fabric of Mother Earth’s wisdom. We have the will to live as much as the great whales in ever diminishing oceans, the fortitude of apes to feed their young in threadbare forests and the hope of a new born turtle swimming out into the world for the first time.  

I am always great full to be witness to beauty in nature, to see there the strength and softness that I have no doubt are qualities we humans can emulate.

Ultimately it is love and respect of our earth and all of nature that will make a wonderful world.