How I perked up my life from a 0 to 10.

Thirty two years ago, I studied at the Botanic Gardens in Singapore to become a horticulturist. By the time I received my diploma , two years later, I knew I wanted to study the healing properties of medicinal plants. So began my love affair with plants. It was , and still is a passionate relationship that is healing me in so many ways. Once I began to use the essences of these plants as nutrition for my body, my life changed around positively. From feeling and being dull and devitalized, I have the stamina and energy today, that surprises even me. 

I am a fit woman today, whose physique belies the fact that I am in my sixties. All thanks to the regiment of plant foods and tonics in my daily diet that I attribute to the healing properties of plants, medicine women through the ages have used for themselves and their loved ones.

I was not always fit. In fact , my troubles began at age 41, right after I had my 2 babies. I was worn out physically and felt sluggish, bloated and fat. I was depressed and unfit to nurture my family, although I tried my best. Does this sound familiar to some of you? My health problems just got worse, not physically though, because I began to try and eat sensibly and exercise; however, my spirit and emotions tumbled on a roller coaster. I was not happy, and often felt disadvantaged, although I was surrounded by love and security. What was it? I still did not feel right in my body. Tight fitting clothes were uncomfortable, although I had a reasonable slim body. The trouble was my level of happiness; I felt unhappy, and my self esteem was low. 

Years later, was I to be informed that diet and nutrition can affect our emotional health and moods.  

After a period of experimentation with every diet that was fashionable, but did not work, I was ready to return to my roots, healing roots that is. I seriously consulted  traditional Malay Herbal medicine to take care of my health.  After all, I had grown up in the company of Malay women who used natural herbal medicines to detox their bodies and lose weight naturally. I recall watching my mother brew her stash of healing herbs and ginger rhizomes in a clay pot.  

So began an intense period of detoxification with the help of natural therapies from South East Asia. These were simple plant tonics, juices, elixirs and teas made from roots, rhizomes, seeds, leaves, flowers or fruits. The change began, slowly, but over time, it showed up as natural beautiful skin and sparkling energy from a body detox process that takes place naturally , without any artificial intervention.

I have never looked back. 

This is my mission: to bring to every woman the knowledge that I have gained over the years on how to have natural beauty and health. I have lived and used these recipes for years, to keep me healthy and youthful.

You can too. 

So when can you get started on a natural health programme that has the power to jump start your life in more ways than one. ? Trust me, it works.

Plants are storehouses for natural plant enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and omega 3 oils that our cells relies on for survival. Convenient modern life is feeding us too much processed foods that are depleted of  nutrition. Fresh, raw plants could save your life. 

The fear and pain of disease is ever a dark cloud over our heads. Will you be a candidate for heart disease, cancer or diabetes?  These diseases are rising rapidly in Singapore, and worldwide. They are aptly termed " lifestyle diseases ". If you feel bloated or lethargic, it may be possible that your body is toxic and the body is not able to activate its own natural detox mechanism, because of the toxic overload. Stop the madness and lets look at healing you. 

    Join me at a workshop, Juicing Jamu  

      19 Oct 2013

        Let me show you how to set up your own natural medicines pharmacy and make the food you eat heal you and help you stay happy and well for a long time.

        Fee: $150

        PAY $100 ONLY! for bookings before 25 September 2013

        We need help from raw plants to provide us with their enzymes to help digest the food we eat. Unfortunately, by cooking our foods, the enzymes are destroyed. Add to the burden of old undigested foods in the colon, because our bodies are not producing enough of its own enzymes. This  creates an explosive environment that is acidic and toxic  as undigested food remain fermenting in the colon, and is a breeding ground for diseases like cancer and heart disease. Here is an unnerving fact from the Ministry of Health, Singapore: " Colorectal cancer is the second most prevalent cancer occurring in men and women in Singapore, and the food we eat has a direct impact on our physical health".

        The workshop is a window you open to an infinite opportunity to begin your healing process and that of your loved ones. Why should we have the dark cloud of disease and doom dictate to us how our lives will be lived. Choose to use natural remedies that are ageless wisdom to show you how you can protect your health from the threat of modern day diseases.  

        Would it be an asset , if you at least pick up some useful tips on how to rid your body of parasites, worms and bad bacteria? Or how to stop fermentation in the gut that produces bad gas, or bloating. These are all useful knowledge that can save you time , stress and money.

        Do not hesitate, register today if you care for your health.  

        Register at: 

        The workshop will be held at my home. It is a restful place that has a small garden, often with chirping birds.

        The limit is 15 participants, so hurry with your bookings. 

        Lets rock and cha cha our way to health, and in the process become medicine women! 

        Love and Light.



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