Healing Journey

I had heard of the healing art of Reiki 18 years ago, but put it away as another 'New Age' indulgence, and that was that!  It was enough what I had in my life; two beautiful children, an easy relationship with my husband, and a lovely home. Besides, I was really into my work with garden designing and plants. What more could a woman want? 
Sadly, a few years later, that easy going husband was asking me over a million times " what do you want? I did not know, except that I felt an emptiness as large as the house we lived in. 
So, was I ill, early menopause ? I was in my early forties, and I felt tired, insecure, empty and scared....In retrospect, I needed help, a mentor in my life.....a wiser woman guiding me through what must be the symptoms of ' ennui' a disease of the spirit gone to rot! 

Then silently, and as effortlessly as night makes way for the light of dawn, and as natural as a baby's first breath in the world, Reiki moved into my life in 1994. 

I had not stormed out to seek Reiki, I had not thought of it then, but more significantly, I embraced the love I experienced , lifting my spirit, and healing every cell in my body and mind. The surge of energy gave me the strength and confidence to begin healing myself. 

Time is the great healer, for it is on reflection, can I map the patterns of my life and make the changes that I so want to manifest now. Reiki has always been in my a healer in time of need. I place my hands on my heart, and I feel the warmth of energy flow through my hands to refresh my spirit. I feel humbled and loved. 

It has been a great learning since that time in 1994. I have been through challenges in life, yes also learning to appreciate alonness not loneliness . In all that time, Reiki was a constant healer, this unstoppable universal energy I so love. 

Today, I have come full circle with my life. I have matured as a woman and my strengh is the metal forged in fire. I am stronger and also softer; am wiser and also a child. I am in wonder mostly, because I know what it is that I want to do with my life.I am so ready to share this healing. It is my time as healer woman , and this is my journey back to myself. 

1 hour : $70


Name: Marion Gulpers

Dear Nazli,

I just want to let you know that I have never forgotten the Reiki Healings you have given me!

The first Reiki Healing you gave me, was to recover from Dengue Fever. I was really sick and could only be active for 2 hours a day. The rest of the day had to be spent in bed. You treated me just once for this! And in this session there was a moment when you connected 2 chakra's, the second and another one, I can not remember which. Suddenly my whole body started shaking...... and since that session, I was able to function completely normal again! It felt like a miracle!

Of course I came back to you on a regular basis. And I remember very well that in the beginning, each time you treated my belly, sadness came up. And during our very last session (just before I left the country) when you treated my belly, there was only peaceful happiness.... So: I experienced 2 miracles with you....

I never forgot you, even though I live in Holland again for many are still in my heart and soul....

Love, Marion Gulpers The Netherlands

Name: Oribel Divine


My cells were vibrating. My chakras were humming. My limbs have been positioned into different yoga poses that even I couldn’t have achieved on my own. I’ve never felt this great in a long long while. My body’s energy system is restored, balanced and raised to a higher frequency.

A great big THANK YOU to Nazli Anwari. Her 2 hour Spirit of Woman Healing session worked wonders on me. And receiving Reiki at the end of that blissful experience gently grounded me. I felt my body pulsating as one single cell and it was singing. Words cannot fully describe my entire experience. But I do know one thing for sure, I am booking my next session with Nazli when I return from my trip in April.

I highly recommend Nazli's Spirit of Woman healing

My utmost gratitude dear Nazli.


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